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ECS is committed to provide sound science in projects to local and government agencies as well as the general public.

ECS is the living shoreline specialist in Florida Panhandle

ECS specialize in environmental solutions to complex problems

ECS provides environmental education and volunteer coordinating for schools, general public, clubs and organizations

ECS has been working diligently on the ecological and restoration efforts from the effects of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill for the City of Gulf Breeze and Escambia County and private homeowners

Some of these studies include-

Seagrass Restoration

Living Shorelines: What works and does not work

Living Shorelines: a scientific approach to permitting

Living Shorelines: wave attenuation and oyster reefs

Living Shorelines: Seagrass restoration and expansion

Living shorelines: Horseshoe oyster reef development

Living Shorelines: seagrass mapping and transplanting

Living shorelines:A pilot study on seagrass transplanting in areas around the Panhandle

Living shorelines: Sediment accretion and wave attenuation

Locating and retreival of Submerged oil in Pensacola Bay

Advance testing in seafood that coorelate with the observed biological observations.

Working with the Government and the general public to maintain the mission of ongoing information and up to standards data.
See our projects!
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