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ECS assisted and provided many contributions to the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill

ECS was the lead consultant and oil spill advisor for the pro-active efforts of the City of Gulf Breeze, Gulf Breeze, Florida.

• Prevention and protection response methods and strategies for the City of Gulf Breeze Oil Spill Response team.
First report-

• Pre-monitoring of environmental sensitive areas of Gulf Breeze and Santa Rosa County

• Ongoing reef and Pensacola bay and Orange Beach monitoring throughout the oil spill events

Monitoring report for the US Fish and Wildlife

• Part of the daily oil spill response team for the City of Gulf Breeze

• ECS was task as part of an expert witness team hired to help educate Ken Feinburg.
Hired by Faegre Baker Daniels Law firm to educate and help Ken Feinburg of the Gulf Coast Claims Facilities, evaluate multipliers for the oyster reef and finfish, tuna and sportfish related BP Claims. ECS was a part of a local and regional team of experts with knowledge on a variety of species and ecological processes that provide the best professional opinions of the extend of the past, present and potential future physical, biological and socioeconomic damages from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The project consisted of research and evaluation of the sites of claims of fishery losses.

Innovative methods design and testing 
• UV light field methods
The first post on Youtube: During the oil spill, it was difficult to identify oil product and organic debris. ECS discovered and tested additional uses of UV lighting for oil detection. ECS worked with the Turtle patrol in Orange Beach, AL This method was sent to Unified Command, the Governor, and BP innovations but was rejected. Note: This method was later used ad marketed by many during the oil spill to discern between natural debris and oil product. This method made detection and cleanup easier for all.
June 2010

• Boom barrier strategies to protect the riprap surrounding Gulf Breeze

Oyster and Fish Tissue testing (new method designed to find crude oil compounds instead of basic pollution. ECS is providing the services and analysts of the tests on seafood and marine organisms to understand the effects of post oil spill on the marine ecosystem. These tests are not Responsible Party funded and paid for by private funders.

Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Fish Health Powerpoint (click on the link).

Community Leader
ECS was the Community leader appointed by the City of Gulf Breeze to bring hope to the community by providing volunteer activities for people during the oil spill

• Boom stuffing events with oil absorbent material donated by PALL membrane Corporation (650 volunteers)

• Coastwatchers- put together and advised the large community coast guard trained volunteers to monitor various locations, daily and hourly, in Pensacola Bay for the presence of oil. Any oil sitings were reported to Gulf Breeze dispatch and unified command.

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Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill Fish Health Powerpoint
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