Ecological Consulting Services Inc. specializes in project management for restoration project using natural resources as an alternative to artificial or harden structures. Living shorelines is essential in directly and indirectly preserving the overall ecosystem's health and structure to coastal shorelines in the United States today. Natural restoration is not a new concept, but a concept that is being used frequently due to increased development and loss of habitat. It is important to preserve the existing resources for future generations to enjoy.

ReStoration projects

Large Scale Restoration Projects:
  • Deadman's Island Project Permitting and Project Management, Pensacola Bay, The City of Gulf Breeze
2020 Monitoring Report and Hurricane Sally Damage Report Deadman's Island
2020 Monitoring Report and Hurricane Sally Damage Report Deadman's Island , Gulf Breeze, Florida
FINAL Hurricane Sally DMI Final Damage A[...]
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Final draft 2018 Deadmans Island Restora[...]
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2017 COGB Deadman's Island Monitoring Re[...]
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2016 Final Monitoring Report Deadman's [...]
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2014 COGB Deadmansisland monitoring rep[...]
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revised2013 Final draft report USFW 57.p[...]
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Homeowner living shoreline stabilization projects

2014 lessonlearnedseagrassrestoration.pd[...]
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FDOT 3mile bridge workshop ECS for COGB.[...]
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Reed_Living shoreline_Concerns_real 2018[...]
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Sturgeon Monitoring during bridge decons[...]
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Coral Reef ID powerpoint for US EPA Heather Reed
QUAPCoralIDheather reed.pdf
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  • Santa Rosa Dunes Condominiums
SSDHOA Shoreline Stabilization Final rep[...]
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Santa Rosa Dunes Living Shoreline Shoreline Stabilization Project
A Florida living shorelines project in Santa Rosa Sound between Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach implemented by Heather Reed of Ecological Consulting Services. the project was designed to protect the homeowners' property from destructive wave action caused by an adjacent seawall..
SSDHOA Shoreline Stabilization Final HR.[...]
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Santa Rosa Dunes 2019 Monitoring and rec[...]
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Project Permitting
  • The City of Gulf Breeze Deadman's Island Restoration Project, The Yellow River Marsh Restoration Project permitting, Northwest Florida Aquatic Preserves, Coastal Aquatic Managed Areas, Yellow River Aquatic Preserve, Santa Rosa Dunes Condominium Shoreline Stabilization and Historic Artifact Protection Project
  • Santa Rosa Shores Seagrass Protection and Transplanting Project - Seagrass signage permitting and placement, premonitoring, mapping and community volunteer coordination
  • Small Scale homeowners living shoreline permitting restoration and wave attenuation
  • Santa Rosa Yacht Club and Marina
  • Oil Spill Protection Projects for homes and environmental sensitive areas
  • Initiated 2008 Grasses to Classes in the Florida Panhandle for Gulf Breeze High School and Gulf Breeze Elementary (Credit given from the Baldwin County Spanish Fort School and Tampa Bay Projects)
  • Permitted, surveyed and marked Conservation areas for bird habitat
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